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Bio Bay Fajardo
Bio Bay Fajardo
Bio Bay Fajardo
Bio Bay Fajardo
Bio Bay Puerto Rico
Bio Bay

Tours at the Biobay Fajardo location 


Daily Tours

Please contact us, and let us help you schedule your Biobay adventure!


*Kayak Tours


1st Tour: 5:30 pm

2nd Tour: 7:30 pm

*Only 30 persons permitted per kayak tour.

*You have to be 6 year old or older for kayak tour

*We also provide private Tours (limited spaces)

**Boat Tours

1st Tour: 6:30pm

2nd Tour: 7:30pm

3rd Tour: 8:30pm

**Only 6 persons per boat tour. Book with two weeks in advance.

Note: Times may change depending on sunset and weather

Boat tours starting in mid 2021

Contact Us and start your Biobay Adventure Today!

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